Judge Commentary, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Book Awards for “The 24th Life~ Sometimes the Black Sheep Wins” by Michele E. Mathews

Available in paperback & kindle www.amazon.com/dp/1979635013


“Fans of Christian and paranormal romance or even of romance, in general, might find much to enjoy in THE 24TH LIFE~SOMETIMES THE BLACK SHEEP WINS.

Complex and fully realized, the love triangle revolves around James, Charlie, and Abrielle, all of whom have lived many lives and iterations. Through strong characters, realistic dialogue and clear and concise writing, author Michele E. Mathews deftly takes the reader through a complicated plot that builds suspense and keeps the pages turning.

Some readers, however, might take issue with the God-speak: “All souls go to the Eternal World once they have completed their evolvement” and references to “Our Heavenly Father.” It’s quite clear which side of the fence the author stands on, although fair-minded agnostics might be able to shrug off the religious references in the quest to find out what is happening next.

While it’s impossible to please everyone, preaching to the choir is not always the best course, especially when trying to present new ideas and opening up dialogue as to different ways of looking at life.

Set back on Earth, the story really shines, with gritty realism, multidimensional characters and surprises until the very last page.”

I would like the thank the Writer’s Digest Judge for this detailed review that gives a true insight into the book. I hope you will enjoy my story and the message it portrays.

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Happy reading peeps! 🙂