NEW RELEASE: “The 24th Life”

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Hey Guys! My new book is now available on Amazon Kindle $2.99 at (Paperback coming soon!):

The 24th Life. His final life. His last chance. His only Hope.

James lives in the exquisite world of the In-Between. As a former Egyptian slave, a brawny barmaid and even a fiddler for King Henry XIII’s court, he has lived twenty-three mostly tortuous lives while waiting centurions for the love of one woman, Abrielle.

Charlie, who has been James’s friend, brother and nemesis in previous lives is now a wealthy Chicago attorney. When Abrielle unexpectedly appears in the modern-day, mortal world and reconnects with Charlie, James can no longer control his rage at the possibility of being overlooked one last time. When he discovers loop-holes in the heavenly system, James devises a horrifying plan to set things right once and for all.

In the end both men must decide…forgiveness or the alluring love of Abrielle.

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