Dearest Tom Brady,

Superbowl 2017 will no doubt go down in history as one of the most exciting games of all time.  Even for those like me, who are not die-hard fans of the pigskin shuffle, I must admit it was one hell of a game.

My husband said right before he dozed off last night, “Tom Brady is the new Chuck Norris.”  I believe he nailed it.

I know half of this country woke up this morning basking in the afterglow of utter disbelief while reliving the final moments, the tears, glory and the victory speeches. The pure adrenaline the game created right up until the last nail-biting yard left us standing in our living rooms, hugging and rejoicing with one another.

There is no doubt that this game made us forget our troubles at least for a little while.  It brought us together for a few beers as we munched on that old favorite, go-to appetizer… that thick, gelatinous crock pot cheese, nacho dip with tortilla chips.  Just awful.  But it didn’t matter because we were together and enjoying the game…

And we owe it all to you Tom Brady.

The world looks upon you as the ultimate athlete.  The greatest quarterback of all time.  5 time Super Bowl champion. The guy on the pedestal so many aspired to be who live vicariously through you with each pass, play and touchdown.  But most importantly, you are the inspiration to so many young athletes now.  And with that sincere adulation comes responsibility. The glitter, confetti, lights and accolades are great.  But what people as well as these young athletes need to understand is what it took to get you to this MVP platform.

So here’s what I’d like people to know about you:


Tom and your wife Giselle live by the TB12 nutritional philosophies of diet to stay young and physically fit.  In fact Tom has a new book coming out soon with his long time “body coach” Alex Guerrero. This “lifestyle” means, no burgers and fries, fried mozzarella or gelatinous crock pot nacho dip. Ever.  (This alone would disqualify me from being a pro-athlete.)

Tom works out.  Everyday.  His personal trainer Gunnar Peterson praises him by saying, “This guy is year-round. No wasted movement.  No plays off.  No days off.  Everything is purposeful.  That includes the people around him.”

He is ultra competitive on and off the field.  Brady says, “I was never the best player on any team. That taught me to work harder.  I learned all about mental toughness on the practice field.  If things weren’t working out for me, my solution was always to work harder.  That way, whenever I get the opportunity, I’m prepared.

He was never known for being the fastest athlete on the field.  In fact, his father was once quoted as saying that his son was a “Pretty slow white guy.”  In 2015 his father said, “And he said ‘I’m gonna go play college football.’  Well, we would never dissuade him from that, we would always be supportive, because someone else might take his dream away, but his parents and his sisters will never take it away.”  Early on, Tom had to develop a tough competitive edge to overcome his lack of speed on the field.

His body coach, Alex Guerrero told Sports Illustrated that “everything Brady does, from his workouts, to vacation days, to his sleep schedule is calculated.”  Pure discipline. Always.

As the mother of a college athlete, I have watched first hand the blood, sweat and tears it takes to compete in the sports arena.  From the conflicts of inner discipline, pain of injuries, disappointments, set-backs, rehabs, extreme heat and long days on the practice fields that oftentimes only lead to the devastating blows of defeat…yet, true athletes prevail. And they keep getting up.  Bloodied and bruised, true athletes get back up because of winners like you, Tom Brady.  You have shown them the way.  You have sent the example for these young athletes to follow.  You have provided a blue-print of what it takes to be MVP on and off the field.

So as a mom, as a proud American, I say congratulations to you from the bottom of my heart. You have shown us all what respect, sheer determination, love of the game, ultimate discipline and an undying spirit to be the best looks like.  That moment of glory and streaming confetti is always extraordinary…but it’s not the images of the golden ring that will stay with me after last night.  It is the reminder to us all, that we too can be great if we apply even an ounce of the “Brady Principles of Discipline” to our dreams and aspirations.  We can never quit trying to be the best.  After all, it’s the American way.

You’ve certainly earned this 5th Super Bowl win.  And now I say with all sincerity, please go have a cheeseburger.  Just one.  It will make us all feel just a little bit better about ourselves.

God bless.

PS~ Full disclosure:  I was rooting for Atlanta. 🙂