Dear 2017 Moms & Dads~13 New Commandments Please?

Dear 2017 Mom’s & Dad’s~

The world is a different place.  Technology has taken us to levels no one could have foreseen fifty years ago. I phones, computers, internet, drones, FedEx next day service, I pads, X Box games.  Everything in our lives is instantaneous, visual and stimulating. The more we have the more we want…and we want it all, now.

What I wouldn’t give to take my kids back to a simpler time… back to the sixties, seventies.  Ah, wouldn’t that be something?

No matter the era, I fully recognize that all families experience the pressures and stresses of the times.  However in today’s world, I believe families are experiencing so much more. Ironically, this new-age world of the instantaneous was supposed to make us happier, more efficient.  But has it really?

Where is the benefit from all this chaos?  And in this world of modern technology that was supposed to enrich our lives, make dreams more achievable and give us more time to relax and enjoy the special moments of our lives.. has it?

Are we taking in more sunsets?  Playing Monopoly more with our children?  Tossing the baseball more in the backyard with our sons?  Holding hands and going for afternoon walks?

I think we all know the answers to those questions…and therefore the saddest revelation that we take away from this modern era, ground breaking century of incredible technological advances is that most of us are more frustrated and unhappy than ever.

So what to do?

I believe the answers to restoring happiness lie in our past.  Let’s begin with the basics and build from there.  Family provides the building blocks for us to feel secure, safe, self-assured in order to go out into the world and express ourselves, dream big, create, enjoy a healthy life.  I believe what’s missing today is this general ideology of this basic, solid family block with which to stand upon.



It’s time to get back to basics folks.  We have to restore the solid building blocks within our families if we have any hope for a bright future in our country.  Here is a list of Commandments that I implore you to consider while raising your beautiful babies.

Your family is important to us all.  Your job is incredibly important.  We need you to be our rainbow after the storm.  Because your children are our future and their success means our success.  They(you) are our only hope for a peaceful tomorrow.  

The Thirteen Commandments for Parents:

  1.  Thou shall teach your children manners.  (Ex:  Excuse me, please, thank you, Mr. & Mrs.)  We need to get back to a more polite, civilized society where people speak to each other respectfully.  We have forgotten the art and beauty of language and it’s healing powers.  Even when we disagree, it’s important to speak with politeness.  Somehow with all the noise, we have forgotten this.
  2. Thou shall teach your children character and integrity, most especially when no one is watching. Teach them to always do the right thing, even when it is inconvenient or hurts.
  3. Thou shall teach your children kindness and allow them to witness you as an example of random kindness everyday, so they will want to imitate you when they grow up.
  4. Thou shall teach your children respect for authority.  (Teachers, police officers, military, Grandparents, all adults)  Respect is a learned behavior and it begins with you.
  5. Thou shall teach  your children a deep sense of spirituality, how to look within, the power of prayer, to meditate and reflect on their blessings and troubles. Teach them how to be still and listen for His words.  Teach them about faith and believing in a higher power bigger than themselves, this world and it’s limitations.
  6. Thou shall teach your children the powerful gift of freedom we are so blessed to experience within the borders of the United States of America. Teach them to be patriotic, to honor our flag, to salute and give thanks to our military for their unwavering bravery and sacrifice. Be the example to follow with national pride.
  7. Thou shall teach your children to give back.  Take them to feed the homeless, bring toys to the needy, work at food banks, volunteer with mission groups. Show them the value of giving by being the example in your life.
  8. Thou shall teach your children to love thy neighbor with their commonalities as well as their differences, diversities and flaws. Teach them that true love is blind and knows no color, background, handicap or differences.  True love encompasses all.
  9. Thou shall teach your children self-discipline to conduct themselves with a self confident independence, grace, agility, punctuality and dedicated work ethic.
  10. Thou shall teach your children about honesty, truthfulness and honor.  Teach them that one’s word means everything, the truth will set you free and honor is honey for a forever-peaceful soul.
  11. Thou shall have dinner as a family, at the table every night.  Discuss your days, highs and lows, tell jokes, simply enjoy being together. Make dinner the time you all connect and be together as a unit.  Remember, it’s not about the food, it’s about the time.  Say the blessing and give thanks for your beautiful family
  12. Thou shall turn off all electronics and play with your children.  Get on the floor with toddlers and tickle them, read to your children, go in the back yard and throw the ball, go for a walk, play board games.  Let them know they are a gift and you cherish your time with them.
  13. Thou shall be the example for your children to follow.  Remember, you are teaching them how to love, how to be kind, how to give back, how to be honorable, punctual, dedicated, hard working, how to be a friend, a partner and a worker.  They are always watching and learning from you. They get their impressions from you how to be an adult. Remember, one day they will have children of their own.  Your example will be their parenting skills for your grandchildren.  So make a good impression!

On behalf of our country, we salute you, we thank you and we pray for you.  For you are our hope and our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!  We desperately need you to help right this floundering ship.

Happy Parenting!

God bless and guide you always and forever.  ~M